Friday, 19 June 2009

Onions - how to store surplus

Last year I had too few. This year I probably still have too few but they are beginning to bolt - produce seed heads - which means they won't store very well. Even this family can't get through enough onions to avoid mould so what to do?

I have been leant a couple of books recently and completely by chance I found a little note saying that you can chop up onions and freeze them in plastic bags. Just like that! So we pulled the first lot and my wonderful husband and equally wonderful 15 year old peeled and chopped and then bagged. I did help - I put them in the freezer; but actually I was weeding at the time so I'm forgiven!

As I've only just put the onions into the freezer I don't know how well this works but when I use them I'll let you know if there's a problem. Can't think that there will be though.

Just to be clear - according to the book (sorry - can't remember which one but it could have been "Preserved") you don't need to blanch them; simply chop or slice them and then freeze as they are. When required cook from frozen.

Obviously it would be sensible to freeze them in small bags as a half kilo of chopped onion goes a VERY long way...