Thursday, 24 July 2008

Up The Garden Path has received an...AWARD!

I am thrilled to have been given an award by The Compostbin.
Given that this is such a new blog I consider it a great honour. The rules are that I pass it on to 7 of my favourite blogs. I can't, however , pass it on to The Compostbin. Here are my seven:

Pollys Peri-wrinkles & Piercings in Ireland. I drop in most days and Polly always makes me laugh.

France This Way
. A fellow Englishman living in France (further south than me though).

Garendenny Lane Interiors, again in Ireland. She has a wonderful collection of fabrics which, as an upholsterer, I would love to get my hands on! More importantly she has just opened an on-line shop. Lovely things and I hope to send something to my sister for her birthday.

Thurston Market Garden. How can I possibly not include a gardener who also keeps Berkshire Pigs!

Hedgewizard's Diary. Full of wonderful stories and tips. You name it he grows it!

Obscure History. Slightly different this one. Some of the stories are sad; some are funny; some are just plain daft. But worth a look.

So there you have it! Take a look at these and I hope you enjoy them. Thank you again to Compost Woman for my award!


Polly Peirce said...

Congratulations on your award! I think that it's well deserved. I am thrilled to find this blog; I don't quite know how I missed it, but it's great!

Thank You soooooo very much for my award, it's my first and it's made my day! Thanks xxxx

soap sushi said...

Your garden is beautiful! It's obvious that you have put a lot of work and love into it!

Lorna said...

thanks again for the award, jean, I really am delighted. Have done a short post on your wonderful blog - am really enjoying it.

Compostwoman said...

Jean, you deserved it!

I like your blog, which is why I gave the award to you.....

keep on posting....its very enjoyable to read you.............

Hedgewizard said...

Yep, that garden's looking brilliant! Thank you so much for the award - much appreciated. I'm sorry I can't pass it on at the moment, I'm just so tired I could squeak. I'll be sure to mention you though!

Lorna said...

Hi Jean,

have you read Rebecca's post on cutting up the pigs for the freezer - hard work! that's something to look forward to, how are the pigs doing?