Sunday, 19 October 2008

Caterpillar Sunday

I am not a supporter of GM but since we are being forced to live with it I do think these scientists might actually do something useful. For example, persuade butterflies to produce caterpillars that do not need to eat brassicas. I'm quite sure they could be scientifically persuaded to eat something we actually want to get rid of, or at least have a lot less of, such as bindweed or Japanese Knotweed (yes, I know, I've heard). Until they do this I will be a mass murderer and I simply will not believe people who tell me they've never eaten meat in their life. I have resident contract killers in my garden in the shape of chickens and even they won't take on the job of eating the little leaf eating suckers. And as for vegetarians, well, what do they do when they find caterpillars all over the leaves of their broccoli?

This afternoon I happened to have my coffee cup with me so I stuck the whole lot in that and bought them back to show you. As the chooks won't have anything to do with them I've put them in the pig bucket. Incidentally, these photos don't include the ones I squashed.

Believe me, next year the brassicas will be under insect proof fleece and anyone found leaving it open will be given caterpillar cookies - and made to eat them!

The little yellow eggs - at least I can see these!

If they look a little squashed...well, they are a bit. Too bad. And this is only about one half of my "harvest".

How can I fight against this?

Actually, they are quite beautiful....aaaaargh!

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