Friday, 21 November 2008

First socks

Well, I've finished them. My very first pair. Read the post here.

I wouldn't normally post them here as they are made of bought wool (oh no, shock horror!) that I found at the bottom of a drawer; but for some reason Typepad won't let me post the picture. I don't think it's offensive but it's for you to judge!

All right so they're not perfect but I think they're fantastic!


Polly Pierce said...

Hi Jean, I love your sexy red sox!

It seems that your typepad account is acting up again. It managed to eat my amazing story about my sewing machine...

It's not accepting my e-mail & name! Shame; still at least you were spared the gory details!

Polly Pierce said...

Hi Jean! Congratulations on finishing your mittens over on The English Armchair Abroad.

Seems we have yet more in common; ie cold house, cold fingers and fingerless gloves on the computer!

Typepad still won't allow me to post a comment, demanding that I leave my name & e-mail details! Funnily enough, I'd already done so at least twice!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Teresa Jane said...

They are great! Better than I could ever do. :)

siteseer said...

Do those ever look warm. I've never knitted a pair of stocking to wear. Meaning I have knitted Christmas stockings that you hang lol. I'll have to give them a try especially if we continue to have cold weather.