Saturday, 21 February 2009

This week...

This week will be busy so let's hope the weather keeps warm as I really don't like getting cold fingers. Jobs to do:

Turn the potato patch again - Ralph spent nearly two hours putting a covering of manure on it as it's a new patch with no oomph in the soil at all.

Weed the flower beds - there's a fair few of them. They need a really good clean out of invading unwanteds too. Some grasses that seed far too quickly for example. They also need a heap of manure this year.

Prune the figs - every book gives a different piece of advice but we're going with February

More eggs, chickens this time, into the incubator. A fox took one of the cockerels and a hen earlier this week and we need some replacement back ups. We are also getting low on meat birds.

Buy and sow the broad beans - the packet I'd stored in the kitchen drawer had been bored into by some sort of weevil, reducing the packet mostly to sawdust!

The potatoes are chitting but it won't be long before we start putting them in.

And finally, the bees are out in force. It's too early to open the hives up yet but during the warmth of a sunny afternoon we watch the workers bringing back enormous amounts of pollen - probably from willow and perhaps hazel? I don't know.


Eco Gites of Lenault said...

I have a similar long garden list to get on with this week - the forecast is good and the boys are back at school so hopefully I might get quite a lot done.

BTW, I've tried to add you onto my blog list but I keep getting a message saying I need a full uri feed (or some thign like that). Any ideas why or would you rather not be linked?

Rosie x

lisa winter said...

i'm so jealous that you are able to sow beans now. in our zone, i'm not even ready to do peas, broccoli and lettuce, not until st. pat's day and beans won't be until early may. of course, it's been unseasonably warm here, so i might try to sneak in some a little early.

Lorna said...

Have enjoyed reading your posts - missed them! I don't think we'll be getting the veg patch done this year either, if we keep the weeds out of the flower beds, we'll be doing well so you have my admiration.
Lorna x

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

So how did you get on with the week's list? I made good progress digging the veg patch, cutting back the raspberries, mulching them and planting blackcurrant bushes. I also sowed broad beans, planted shallots and Jerusalem artichokes outside and sowed lots of seeds in the polytunnel. Yup - a good week. Now for next week ........

Rosie x

Up The Garden Path said...

Ah yes the Jerusalem artichokes. It will have to be this week.!