Tuesday, 1 July 2008

This week's harvest (so far!)

I'm a relative beginner at all this home growing. I've grown summer veg before - tomatoes and lettuce mostly - and of course we have fruit trees that just seem to do what they do, but really working it out and getting the most from the veggie patch is still new enough to make any produce look and taste REALLY good! Perhaps it wears off after a while but in the meantime this is some of what we've been eating during the past few days.

I have to admit that these cherries (there were three times as many) are not from our garden but from a friend. We have come to the conclusion that cherries belonging to English gardens in France have a certain "je sais pas quoi" and are irresistable to birds.

Not exactly a ton of broad beans but SO good and tender. The coriander self-seeded from last year.

These Mirabelles are the sweetest little things imaginable. In 2003 we had so many we just put a sheet on the ground and shook the tree. I think it's still recovering from such a vast harvest five years later as we've not had a particularly abundant crop since. They are delicious!

This garlic doesn't look like much (understatement!) but it just appeared in the garden. I planted some last year but it was so wet nothing really happened. Well, clearly it did because this is what has appeared this year.

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