Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A word about the Grand Gennetay Bookshop

If you look to the left you'll see a pile of unruly books and a link to my bookshop. This is run by Amazon but if you are good enough to click through via this link I will be sent a percentage of any order you make via the link. This includes books you find in my "store" plus any others you buy at the same time. It's commercial, I don't deny, but it really doesn't cost you any more and it helpsto put a few pence in the kitty.

The books I have listed cover several subjects; gardening is just one of them. Upholstery, beekeeping, books I've enjoyed reading, etc. If you would like me to list a book please send me the title and the author. If there is a book you want to criticise, please do so; I will publish your remarks and hopefully help other readers in this way.

There are other Amazon links on this page. These are books recommended by Amazon who somehow work out what my blog is about suggest books accordingly. Sometimes there are a few very surprising outcomes!

Thank you!

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