Friday, 27 June 2008

A bit of background

We used to be city dwellers but that stopped about 18 years ago when we left London to live on a boat with our two tiny children. Life suddenly became very simple as we left all the trappings of high salaries (well, he had one of those - mine was a little more modest!) and company committments behind us. We became dependent on each other and other people doing the same thing as us.

Three years later we came to live in France - I was expecting our third child and suddenly the boat was a little small! I had a baby and Max started a toy and gadget business. Both were hard work but whilst we knew what to expect from the former, the latter was a very steep learning curve.

The company was a success for twelve years and then suddenly - and with great sorrow - Max had to close it. Rules concerning toys are very strict and although his products didn't come into the under 3 category they were still governed by extremely stringent safety regulations. Coupled with stores closing down their toy departments, the end was inevitable. It took a while but we could eventually "put it all down to experience".

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