Saturday, 28 June 2008

Saturday's Labour

We got a lot of work done yesterday in the veggie patch. I dug up the first lot of potatoes and will store them in wonderful sacks from the baker. Potatoes have to be stored in the dark to stop them going green. Some are already green and will have to be disposed of. Others are either damaged from the fork or two small to store - that's fine; they're on the menu tonight!

I put black plastic over the part of the bed that had the potatoes and have planted my courgettes. It's quite late but I'm hoping that with the additional heat they will now get going quite quickly.

I cut down the broad beans as there were no more pods. I have left the base of the plants in ground as there are more flowers on them and I don't know if they will start growing again! I don't think so but thought it would be worth a try. I also put in a row of peas - again a bit late but the packet did say until the end of June...

We have eight cucumber plants and I can't believe all the fruits on them. We will be eating cucumber soup all winter at this rate - but maybe not all the fruits will ripen. I have stopped the ends of all the plants in the hope that some of the energy will go into the fruits now. Again, this is a new one for us and I just don't know what to expect.

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