Saturday, 28 June 2008

Lessons - learn them!

Well the first problem is that we let the borage which had self-seeded from last year, stay and grow in what this year is the potato bed. It was intentional as the bees love it and are all over it. However, as the borage got bigger and top heavy it has toppled over all the potato plants which have also toppled over! I still have plenty of potatoes but I can only imagine that there has been as effect - perhaps smaller potatoes or less of them?

But it looks pretty!

The second lesson is about growing peas. All the books say to put twiggy sticks in amongst them to grow up. Well, I did that but it clearly wasn't enough and the result was peas falling all over the place. I've rectified this but putting some lines of string between bamboo poles and lifting the peas up and against them. However, again there has been an effect - the stems are bent and although the crop is still a good one a lot of the pods are quite small. But the peas are even sweeter!

And finally - broad beans. We just can't have enough of them and I never grow enough! I know they can be grown during the winter months so I will have to plan accordingly.

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